Bluetooth Headphones: IOS and Android (Lime)


Wireless Earbuds: IOS and Android, Dreo® [ShockWave Series] Bluetooth Headset Noise Insulation Headphones w/ Microphone / Extended Battery Life [ Sports / Running / Gym / Exercise/ Sweat-proof ] (Lime)

Product Description

  • Super Bass – Dreo® [ShockWave] technology provides super bass for your best music experience. Smart Wireless – No audio plug,connection will based on Bluetooth.non-delay after first pairing,automatically connects to your devices.
  • Noise Insulation – Premium material will insult 80% noise from outside,give you the purest music environment. Applies to both input(Microphone)/output(Ear-buds) channels. Built in Mic automatically catches your voices and insult outside noises, allows you to talk through the device without taking it off.
  • Sports Friendly – Specially designed for gym/sporting purpose, all parts are IPX4 sweat-proof and water resistant. Tangle-Free Wire – Widened Tangle-Free wire body provides a strong resistance from outside force. Extended Battery Life -With 1 extra battery attached to both sides of the ear-buds,every charge can be used 8-9 hours with light play, 4-6 hours with heavy play.
  • Package Includes: Dreo® [ShockWave] GW808 Bluetooth Earbuds + Earbuds frame piece replacements(adjustable size in:L,M,S, and 1 sport sets) + Charging cord
  • Manufacturer 1 years warranty will apply under the “Warranty Condition Guide”.

Additional Information

Weight 0.3 lbs


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